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Hurricane Tree Specialists are a well trained Florida based team of professional arborists, with over 50yrs of combined experience in the care, maintenance and preservation of trees. Our business is family owned and operated, with a strong commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on a well developed understanding of the various facets of modern arboriculture, meticulous attention to detail, Keen Safety Awareness and in continuing education in the latest concepts and technologies of our chosen field. No matter how small or large the task, we have the tools, knowledge and time tested experience to insure a safe quality job every time.
Some good reasons for considering us to care for you're trees are:
What is I.S.A.? The International Society of Arboriculture, or I.S.A. is a world wide scientific and educational organization devoted to the proper care and preservation of trees. The purpose of the I.S.A. certification program is to improve the level of knowledge and standard of practice within the tree care profession. It is designed to assist the public in identifying those professionals in arboriculture, who have demonstrated through a professionally developed education and examination program a thorough knowledge of proper tree care practices. I.S.A. certification is truly the mark of a professional arborist.
Improper cuts like this one can become major infection courts for opportunistic wood decay pathogens.
This type of pruning where the interior of the tree has been severely defoliated is known as lion-tailing this greatly reduces the tree's photosynthetic ability and makes the tree more susceptible to wind throw. 
I'm sure many folks have seen pruning of this type which is called topping and is one of the most destructive tree care practices besides that it's just plain ugly.
 I can tell you from experience that nine out of ten people who have used Hurricane Tree Specialists in the past continue to use us today. In fact repeat business accounts for a large percentage of our work volume. Word of mouth has been and continues to be our best form of advertising, as satisfied customers are  all too happy to spread the word. No matter what the job, complete satisfaction is our personal guarantee.
We also strongly advocate natural arboriculture and once again advise all of our customers and clients on the potential problems and hazards associated with hiring individuals or companies who are unknowledgeable or unfamiliar with correct methods and maintenance practices. It is a simple fact that human incompetence is fast becoming the leading cause of tree deprivation and decline in populated areas. Therefore the delicate balance between forest fragmentation and urban sprawl must be carefully monitored and maintained. Aside from providing top quality affordable tree care, it is to this end that we dedicate our time and resources, thereby seeking to be good stewards of Gods earth.

We are also highly committed to the safety and well being of the various native species of  animals we encounter, and therefore work with several state licensed animal rehabbers in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, to ensure the health, safety and proper relocation of these animals. If you have found an orphaned baby squirrel, bird or any other animal for that matter you will find contact information for these rehabbers on our links page as well as links to more tree related educational information.
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 Steven Braden
Senior Arborist FL-5796A
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While the initial cost of hiring a professional arborist may be slightly higher than that of your average every day tree guy, the long term benefits will far outweigh this cost with stronger, healthier well- developed trees. By hiring a professional arborist, you will be avoiding the potentially costly pitfalls associated with hiring unscrupulous tree service companies who employ unknowledgeable or improperly trained individuals. There are many so called arborists and tree surgeons out there that are completely unfamiliar with proper cultivation and maintenance practices and few if any have a well grounded knowledge of tree biology. A good arborist must understand the tree and its needs before embarking on a program of care and just as in medicine prescription before diagnoses is malpractice. After all you're trees should be an asset that enhances the value of you're property and not a potentially hazardous liability. Given this fact it is important to be selective when considering a tree service company.
​As mentioned before I am not only the owner of the company, I operate it as well, which means I am directly involved in the work. Since I perform and oversee each job personally I can guarantee a level of professional excellence that far exceeds the vast majority of my competitors.
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