Hurricane Tree Specialists offers complete tree care from the root to the crown. We specialize in the following areas. If you desire more information regarding a particular service you can use the buttons at the top of the page, where you will find these same service listings. Each one is accompanied by brief explanations, photographs, diagrams and informative text. If you have any questions regarding a particular service you may refer to our inquiries page where you can send us your questions via e-mail or contact me (Steven) directly at  (813) 928-5785 / (352) 419-8711 .
  •  Professional Evaluations / Consultation  
Pruning, Elevating and Dead wooding    
 Plant health care (Diagnosis / Prognosis)
• Fertilizing/ Trunk Injections

  • Cabling and Crown Stabilization / Tree Cavity Repair work
Hurricane Tree Specialists also offer all phases of tree cabling, crown stabilization and cavity repair. The need for these types of services must be weighed on a tree by tree basis, as not all trees are suitable candidates and just as with tree lightning protection systems,a tree cabling system must be installed correctly and priodically inspected and adjusted to ensure it continues to function properly. Improperly installed tree cabling systems can be very dangerous.
  • Hazardous Extractions
If you have a tree or trees on you're property that are judged to be hazardous, we are able to safely remove them without collateral damage. As always we recomend getting a professional evaluation before hand to determine whether tree removal is necessary. Removing trees should always be a last resort. Also please remember that the extraction of large trees is extremely dangerous work and should only be attempted by properly trained professionals.
  • Soil Remediation 
    (Aeration/ Decompaction)
  • Crown Reduction and Restoration  
Hurricane Tree Specialists can correctly asess and install tree lightning protection systems for any tree on you're property. Done correctly, these systems are 99.9% effective ,and can provide protection for many years to come. The average lifespan on a T.L.P. system can be from 50 to 100 years depending on tree species.  It is important to remember  that these systems will need to be periodicaly inspected and adjusted for continued effectiveness. It is also important to remember that not all trees need to be protected. The need for such systems must be weighed on an individual basis.
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer soil aeration, soil decompaction, radial trenching and root collar excavation treatments. These treatments can be very effective for reducing tree stress caused by environmental factors. They are also quite effective in reducing stress related damage caused by human activity. In fact soil compaction is one of the leading causes of oak decline in populated areas. By incorporating these treatments into a tree care regimen we are often able to bring sickly trees back to a more optimal state of health, thereby promoting longevity.
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer crown reduction and restoration services these treatments can be employed to either reduce a tree's overall height and spread ( a preferable method to topping), or to restore a tree's canopy after it has been damaged. It must be remembered that several or more differing treatments over a period of years may be necessary to acheive the desired results. Also tree species is another important consideration, as not all trees are suitable candidates.
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer all forms of tree related irrigation and drainage services, from design to installation. Whether a tree is getting too much water, or not enough we are in many cases able to rectify the situation and thus bring about more optimal conditions for healthy growth and development. It must be remembered that different trees have different needs and each system must be tailored to the tree or trees in question. Also irrigation systems for turf are often seriously inadequate for most tree species.
  • Tree Lightning protection
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer all phases of tree moving and planting services from installation to aclimation and establishment. We are able to get the tree off to a good start, and ensure optimal conditions for future healthy growth and development. Ensuring that trees are properly planted,  and acclimated is the best insurance for creating a healthy tree canopy,  that is sustainable both now and in the future. It is a simple fact that many future tree problems can be avoided by correctly planting and acclimating them to the planting site.
  • Tree Planting    
Hurricane Tree Specialists can provide fertilization for all the trees and shrubs on your property however, our emphasis is on creating and sustaining bio-fertility which actually reduces a trees need for supplemental fertilizers, thereby enhancing long term tree health and reducing future maintenance costs. This approach also serves to reduce ground water contamination.
  • Bobcat Services
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer bobcat services. We have a full inventory of bobcat loaders, excavators chippers, dumptrucks and heavylift cranes to tackle even the toughest lot cleaning and land clearing oprerations. If you need to have a property cleaned or a lot cleared we are well able to help. As always we recomend anyone planning to build to plan their projects around the landscape as much as possible, thereby minimizing forrest fragmentation and preserving the integrity of the trees and landscape.
  • Disaster Response & Recovery/
  • 24 hour Emergency Service 
Hurricane Tree Specialists has traveled to provide assistance to disaster victims ever since august 1992 when hurricane andrew devastated south florida. Since that time we have helped many people to begin the rebuilding process by being among the first responders on the scene and removing large fractured or broken trees from their homes and buisnesses. Whether it is a no name storm  hurricane or ice storm we have the tools, knowledge and time tested experience to ensure a safe quality job every time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by these unfortunate events. We are also available 24 hours a day whether it is an emergency situation, or we are needed to work at night where interuption of normal buisness hours is not practical. 
Hurricane Tree Specialists offer complete pruning services from a to z. As always, we take a conservative approach to the pruning of larger shade trees and conifers. It is as simple fact that over-pruning is a major contributor to the decline of many trees in populated areas. We always base our pruning efforts on each tree's particular structure and need, thereby enhancing tree health and promoting longevity. This approach also serves to reduce future maintenance costs by training trees to grow into a particular structure or form.
As a company of professional arborists, Hurricane Tree Specialists offer year round tree health evaluations with correct diagnosis and prognosis .We are also available for consultations in a group setting or one on one. We know from experience that many of the trees that are lost each year in developed areas could be saved if only correct problem asessment and management were applied. With field examinations we will look for existing as well as potential problems and recomend treatments based on each tree's need. We also have acsess to a plant pathology lab,to aid us in securing correct asessments. Before you decide to have a tree removed, we urge you to have a professional evaluation. In many cases we have been able to restore an otherwise sickly tree to a more optimal state of health, and at a fraction of the cost of removal.
Radial trenching / Root collar excavation
•Irrigation and Drainage Solutions
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